I’m running a half marathon this Sunday morning. It’s supposed to rain and although this isn’t a new finding that my training has been terrible, I will describe my training regiment.

Ladies and gentlemen, the top ten things NOT to do while training for a half marathon.

10. Decide six weeks before the half marathon, “Hey, I haven’t been out for a run in over six months. Maybe I should run 13 miles six weeks from today.” Step two: proceed to go online and sign up immediately. No looking back now!

9. Attempt to train for a marathon at the beginning of spring in Colorado, where winter shows up in random places, leaving snow and muddy trails everywhere. That training schedule you made? Gone! You just lost a week of running. Go not pass go. Do not collect $200. (instead, pay up $50!)

8. Attempt to train for a marathon while completely broke and unable to eat completely healthy. (although if you have some secrets or tips, do let me know!

7. Neglect keeping yourself hydrated on a daily basis, so when you’re running along the river, you half-way consider hunkering down and lapping up water like a puppy.

6. Refuse to map out your path beforehand because you like to discover new places and run to wherever feels right at the time…only to get lost on some random country road and end your ten mile run 2. 5 miles away from your home after dark because of your little detour. This feels greeaaat.

5. Neglect to buy a headlamp or some sort of clothing that identifies yourself running alongside the road or on a dark, empty trail so passerbys or drivers are surprised when you just suddenly pop up on the side of the road. RAWR!!

4. Run everywhere BUT the actual course because of your lack of planning to allow enough time to bike there, run and bike back. Running up the Foothills can’t be THAT much worse than running alongside the flat river, right?

3. Attend $0.25 drink night less than a week before your marathon. This night will take you two days of recovery.

2. Refuse to train during the same time of day that your actual run is. 8:30 a.m., 6:00 p.m. I’m SURE my energy level is the same during those two times anyway!

1. Write a blog that encourages other people that you can be a slacker and still run ridiculous races. It’s probably not the best information to share because you could seriously hurt yourself but some of the things I’ve done right:

  • Not running everyday. It’s important to give your body rest. My schedule looked like this (I went astray for a while but generally followed the schedule.) In miles:

Week 1: 3, 3, 3,
Week 2: 4, 4, 6
Week 3: 6, 4, 6
Week 4: 6, 6, 6
Week 5:8, 10, 8
Week 6: 10, 12(never ran this much) 10 (ran 6 miles instead)

It looks a little different than most schedules (many that I saw had a few shorter runs that built up to one long run at the end of the week) but I wanted to build up slowly to avoid injury. Well…I think that’s the only thing that I did right but I’ve been running 10 min miles and I’m generally a pretty active person so hopefully i won’t have a heart attack.

Wish me luck! Two days left!

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