While browsing TED.com, I came across this video that seemed to relate really well with my last entry.

It brought a variety of emotions out of me including:

Fear- It’s scary what a risk taking an alternative life direction can be. This woman did something out of the norm and ended up depressed and rejected by society.

Bravery – In order to truly be open to life and appreciate the great things in life, we must also accept the things that make moments great: the lower points that allow a contrast. Horrible moments in life are in store but we have to accept them as a part of the journey. No one would choose for these things to happen beforehand but this woman is a better person because of the things she endured and I have a better understanding and comfort with the things that lie ahead because of her experience and it leading to this seven minute video!

Optimism – You CAN pick the path that brings the most happiness, despite its acceptance to society, its contribution to the economy. People ARE understanding the true value in life and I think she makes a great point about being open to those paths and she gives me hope that I can move forward and not be so afraid of the results and I can contribute to the happiness of others by taking the time to meet new people and try to understand those that I just walk by on a regular basis.

I was seriously really afraid and sad at the beginning of this but things turned around! One sweet victory over our enemies.