So a few blogs back, I blogged about a woman who chose to live in her van… While discussing “No Impact Man” with a friend, this article came to mind that I came across a while back…

I don’t think I’d be able to rough it in a cave. I like my hot showers, cozy bed and friendships, but I do admire his understanding of life and the world. My favorite part of the article:

“Why is it sad that I die in the canyon and not in the geriatric ward well-insured? I have great faith in the power of natural selection. And one day, I will be selected out.” Until then, think of him like the raven, cleaning up the carcasses the rest of us leave behind.

Normally, I’m often really annoyed by people who reject society completely because, society is kind of cool. I’m inspired by the people I’m able to interact with on a daily basis. I don’t hate the concept of a job or earning a paycheck. In some sense, it makes us more appreciative for the things we do have/are able to afford. I’m also convinced that you can and should love your work to some degree. I could speak more negativel y about the people we choose to make important decisions or to be leaders but I won’t because it’s up to me to change that and I normally would say that living in a cave definetely isn’t going to fix the ills in this world but after thinking about it more, I’ve decided it’s easier to make external changes and make OTHER things change but it’s diffcult to change yourself. And maybe real change starts with changing yourself and that’s exactly what this man did.

I feel like I’ve said enough and would like you to visit Daniel’s blog at and listen to a real man of wisdom!