A quote that has stuck with me for a while is “Family is not strictly biological”. There are two holidays that I don’t celebrate annually, “Mothers Day” and “Fathers Day”. While it is quite common for children to be raised in broken homes presently, most have a connection with at least one of their parents. While I won’t get into details about this, I can say having parents that were less than responsible or caring has been a blessing in my life as I’ve learned to appreciate the important people in my life and the love that they give.

The great thing about love is that you can create as much as you would like and there are endless ways to celebrate it. Reflecting on my weekend, I’ve realized that we shouldn’t limit ourselves on the moments we dedicate to others in our lives. I spent the weekend with great friends and realized that we often take great relationships in our lives for granted.

I think it’s important to have friends that remind you of who you are rather than make you think of who you aren’t. It’s amazing to have friends whose happiness equals your happiness and whose sorrows and plights easily become your own.

So while parents can be wonderful things, and I’ve even been “adopted” by amazing parents of other people, the great thing about the world is that we can be led, raised and inspired by so many things and people around us. It’s so easy to “blame our parents” for our struggles and the negative things in our lives but it’s even easier to find something else to divert our love to if we want to. It’s just harder to open our eyes and hearts to those things because of fear or a lack of motivation. So, blog readers, I challenge you to find something that forces you to be thankful for each day, without a holiday reminder.