When in the office today, I noticed many people decided to show their patriotism before the holiday weekend by wearing red white and blue clothing and accessories. It made me think that maybe I should have rolled around in petroleum this morning and come to work showing my true American stripes. This led to an idea to dress up as a sea turtle, stand on the side of the interstate, light myself on fire and tell those assholes to quit driving so much. I pondered the legal, cosmetic and environmental damages involved and decided a quick Photoshop job would suffice.

Happy Independence Day! How free are you?


So a few blogs back, I blogged about a woman who chose to live in her van… While discussing “No Impact Man” with a friend, this article came to mind that I came across a while back…

I don’t think I’d be able to rough it in a cave. I like my hot showers, cozy bed and friendships, but I do admire his understanding of life and the world. My favorite part of the article:

“Why is it sad that I die in the canyon and not in the geriatric ward well-insured? I have great faith in the power of natural selection. And one day, I will be selected out.” Until then, think of him like the raven, cleaning up the carcasses the rest of us leave behind.

Normally, I’m often really annoyed by people who reject society completely because, society is kind of cool. I’m inspired by the people I’m able to interact with on a daily basis. I don’t hate the concept of a job or earning a paycheck. In some sense, it makes us more appreciative for the things we do have/are able to afford. I’m also convinced that you can and should love your work to some degree. I could speak more negativel y about the people we choose to make important decisions or to be leaders but I won’t because it’s up to me to change that and I normally would say that living in a cave definetely isn’t going to fix the ills in this world but after thinking about it more, I’ve decided it’s easier to make external changes and make OTHER things change but it’s diffcult to change yourself. And maybe real change starts with changing yourself and that’s exactly what this man did.

I feel like I’ve said enough and would like you to visit Daniel’s blog at http://zerocurrency.blogspot.com/ and listen to a real man of wisdom!

924/1206 overall
68/102 in my age bracket
Time: 2:23:06.1
Average pace:10:55/M 

Considering the crazy hills I had to run (ok, WALK!) up, 
it wasn't too bad because my training pace is usually a 
10 min mile.

I'm satisfied! I'm sad I can't post a pic of me being 
exhausted or proudly holding up my medal but you get the idea! :-)

So I have some experience in creating public campaigns and while I am still learning, I certainly have an opinion on what I think makes a good campaign and what makes a bad campaign.

First, I’ll commend the NOH8 campaign for:

  • being extremely viral and using social media to its best ability
  • gaining controversial support. Controversial = news magnet
  • engaging a passive generation
  • addressing a HUGE injustice to citizens of this country

BUT of course, no one ever writes about something unless they have something BAD to say so here it is.

My problem with the NOH8 campaign is that it loses its effectiveness after the white shirts become smudged with face paint. My point is, it does nothing to educate or gain a mutual understanding between people on each sides of the issues. In fact, it provides more polarization as it implies that there is “hate” among those against gay marriage. I will say that I support gay marriage but I also do not invest a lot of personal value into marriage. I don’t believe those that don’t support gay marriage are bad people but I believe that there are some misunderstanding between the two groups and putting people in bondage-type pinups certainly doesn’t provide a better understanding of the the gay population.

I did appreciate the campaign getting Cindy McCain on board. In addition to finding a way to covering up the extra collagen, they managed to get significant news coverage.

But headlines such as : New Yorkers Protest Prob 8 by Posing with Duct Taped Mouths seems comical and straight out of “The Onion”.

NOH8 managed to target a young generation: The “ME” generation that needs another facebook display picture. The problem is, this isn’t the audience you need. We get it, marriage for all! Why not? This isn’t enough though. Grassroots campaigns are hard and you just need to push people to campaign for their rights the old fashioned way: contacting politicians, let them know they have numbers behind them if they choose to support legislation concerning legal marriage rights for everyone. Let them know that gay people aren’t promiscuous sluts but normal sluts like the rest of us. I’m kidding but I think the real problem is the stigma around it all. It seems like the whole AIDS, sex stigma is outdated BUT unity is still needed and right now, you’re doing a real good job of uniting the choir but it’s time to stop singing the same old song to each other and start building bridges with the rest of the world. Loving those who “hate” you. In fact, that’s the real solution to many of our problems.

I feel as thought lately, the stars have connected me to a few young, driven, ambitious entrepreneurs.  I find this type of career a little depressing and unfulfilling.  I find this another reason why i desperately want to leave the U.S. and the inherently exploitive nature of capitalism.

I admire the innovation and creativity of being an entrepreneur, I just don’t believe in the common motivation of profiting off of brilliant ideas. I feel like some of the greatest innovators in history were motivated by the progress and well-being of man and not by being the first person to slap a patent or copyright on their idea. A common newsworthy connection is the concern of healthcare costs and the concern that decreased costs will slow innovation in medicine. I refuse to believe that people are more motivated by their checking account than they are about  the well being of the world. Can you imagine working in a lab and thinking “I want my creation to create well being and happiness but to only those who can afford it”. The harsh reality is that these are the motivations of some people and I guess with the ridiculous price to earn credentials (Med school) to get to that point, it might be necessary.

I’m well aware that in this world, you need financial means to survive. I guess in my perfect world, people would be motivated to help each other out more than themselves and in the free market competition of the business world, I don’t see those types of relationships. I also realize someone doesn’t have to be so connected to their career and their personality may be completely different than that of the business world but why stress yourself out by operating a person you aren’t 8 + hours a day?

I’m a pretty creative person with ideas consistently running through my head but have never considered trying to sell any of them or put any of them in practice. Thinking about them and discussing them is much more exciting than actually trying to make it work. This may be because success is measured by profits and if not many people find my idea to be successful or profitable, it loses credibility in today’s world and becomes something that no longer brings happiness to me. Writing is also a good example. I love writing but have never considered it as a career. Sadly, this made me stop because I felt that I needed to work on things that did help me “progress’ by the standards of others. This blog is a an attempt to do something I love, not for profit or career advancement, but for the preservation of whatever this brings to someone that stumbles upon it and for a reflective personal experience for myself in the future.

But to each his own. I won’t define your happiness if you don’t try to profit off of mine.